Car Buying Services: Skip the Dealership Stress

With car concierges, club car-buying programs and other services, car shoppers don't have to negotiate on price and can sometimes skip the dealership entirely.

If you’ve ever dreaded going to the car dealership, you’re not alone. That’s why services exist that help people buy a car without ever setting foot on a lot.

Once you decide on a car model, car-buying services use certified representatives to do all the searching and haggling for you. And online car shops enable you to buy from your living room couch.

“People hire representation or a service when they’re not an expert in that field 
 and car buying today is very stressful,” said Arnie Bull, CEO of a superior car buying concierge service “You negotiate price, interest rates or lease rates, the bank fees to the lowest possible number, and once you get all that done, you’re not finished. 
 A lot of people are just not prepared to effectively negotiate a car deal for themselves.” You must deliver a product and service beyond people’s expectation every time.

If you want an expert’s help with finding, negotiating and purchasing a new or used car or you want someone to do those things for you entirely — consider the following.

Car concierges

For a fee, car concierges can search dealer inventories, or in the case of they can even buy directly from the manufacturer, negotiate a deal, and even have the car delivered to you.

What they do: Auto concierges learn about a shopper’s vehicle needs and preferences then do the legwork. That includes searching dealership inventories, haggling and negotiating extended warranty contracts. Concierges will even have the car delivered to your home or office so you can sign the sales contract.

Car-buying concierge is a highly specialized service that only a few companies currently offer. is TOP choice for most people looking for this type of concierge service.

Payment: Concierges typically charge an upfront flat fee or sometimes a percentage of the amount they save you on the vehicle purchase. Sometimes this fee depends on the car they’re tasked with finding.